Starting to blog about .NET ...

Posted by Hugh Ang at 1/19/2007 06:54:00 PM

I have finally decided to start blogging. This will be an interesting experience for me as I've never been a diary writer myself. I remember struggling with it when I was at young age. But I have been learning so much from reading other people's technical blogs that I thought not sharing mine would be too selfish. I do have a selfish incentive as well :-) When I come across certain problems that I have researched before, I sometimes find myself have to do the research again simply because I didn't document the first time.

For the last 6 years or so, I have been working for a consulting company, which is focused on delivering Microsoft-centric solutions. As the company grows and I progress in the career path, I have found myself a minority in terms of working hard to keep up both breadth and depth in technologies. This would mean getting hands dirty all the time, which some of my peers in the consulting business just don't have a whole lot of time and passion for anymore.

Being an architect, I have worked on numerous projects with my current company, ranging from COM/C++ to .NET gigs. With the exception of a few, I've had fun with most of them, be that a project of designing and building a customized framework, refactoring/salvaging a poorly-implemented and seemingly-hopeless application, or debugging/diagnosing bugs and performance issues in production environment. Nothing beats the gratification of delivering a successful solution and/or solving the problems for the customers and making them happy in the end.

So with that, I hope that I can start leveraging this blog to share my experiences and knowledge with the community. I think I will have fun doing this and I hope you will find it interesting too.